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Tai Chi Chuan @ Lotus Moon:

Bob King teaches Cheng Man Ching’s style of tai chi chuan (see article below), concentrating on performance of the form to develop it’s health and it’s martial applications. Tai Chi classes are held at Lotus Moon studio on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:15pm. Please come join us and experience the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan’s moving martial meditation.

Walk-ins: $10.00                                                                                     Ten class punch card: $80.00

Robertking @zoominternet.net


Cheng Man-Ch’ing’s Tai Chi Chuan

Cheng Man-ch’ing is best known in the West for his tai chi chuan. The following are some of the characteristics of his “Yang-style short form.”

  • It eliminates most of the repetitions of certain moves of the Yang long form.
  • It takes around ten minutes to practice instead of the twenty to thirty minutes of the Yang long form
  • The hand and wrist are held open, yet relaxed, in what Cheng called the “Fair Lady’s Hand” formation (as opposed to the straighter “Chinese tile” formation of the Yang style)
  • The form postures are not as expansive as Yang Ch’eng-fu’s form
  • Cheng postures are performed in “middle frame” style, which changes the movement of the feet from the Yang version.
  • Cheng’s concept of “swing and return” in which the momentum from one movement initiates the next.

These changes allowed Cheng to teach larger numbers of students in a shorter time. His shortened form became extremely popular in Taiwan and Malaysia, and he was one of the earliest Chinese masters to teach tai chi chuan publicly in the United States. His students have continued to spread his form around the world.

4 Responses to “Tai Chi Chuan”

  1. Barbara L Sicking says:

    I have read that Tai Chi improves balance. Would you kindly advise the level of fitness required to participate. Thank you, Barbara

  2. Karl Anderson says:

    Hi Mr. King,

    I’m trying to help a friend find a good taiji teacher in Cincinnati. Can you recommend someone (preferably a Zheng Manqing style teacher). Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Karl Anderson

    p.s., I studied with Martin Inn in San Francisco and, now, I live in Colorado.

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