Yoga info and Pricing

An instructor will lead you through a Vinyasa style yoga (Ashtanga) that will build heat internally throughout the body helping to sweat out toxins, build muscle, become more flexible, and relieve stress. This practice can be very physically demanding. Anyone with any health problems should contact Tom prior to coming.

Vinyasa Yoga L 1 Beginners focusing on breath and basic asanas (poses)

Vinyasa Yoga L 2 More in-depth  focus on breath, basic asanas (poses) and introduction to full form

Vinyasa Yoga L 3 Full Primary Practice must have minimum  level 1 experience  or instructor approval.  (very challenging) focusing on the flow of the practice


Hatha All Levels This is an all levels class where props and modifications are used to customize your practice to your needs.  Bring a union of mind, body and breath to relieve stress, find relaxation, and improve focus. With regular practice, moving at your own pace, begin to see benefits of increased energy, flexibility, strength, balance, and more fluidity in movement.

Cost : $10 per Class

Punch Card $80 for 10 Classes 

Unlimited Monthly pass for $70 (yoga only) 

Unlimited monthly pass for $80 Yoga, Tomikio Aikido, Tai Chi and Kettle bell 

First Class is free!!!!

Tom 419-543-2688


4 Responses to “Yoga info and Pricing”

  1. terry clark says:

    Hi my name is Terry Clark I would like to know when will your yoga class will be open.

  2. bob says:

    Hi Terry,
    Yoga is on Thursday at 6pm.

  3. Whitney Smith says:

    I was wondering if you offered classes for kids. I would love for my daughter (7yrs old) to join me

  4. Jen Opperman says:

    Tom, I’ve been trying some yoga classes where I live winters, and am back to Ohio for the summer. Very interested in Hathayoga, but it looks like classes were cancelled. Are they going to come back? The yoga I did in Florida was difficult for me, especially forward bending and extreme hamstring stretching, due to an injury from 20 years ago. I still would like to try it again, perhaps moving more conservatively. Can you tell me about the classes that might be be for me to try? I understand there is a new yoga class Tuesdays at 1:00. Thanks for any help you can give me! Jen

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